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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
i was just in an ice storm and my 335 with stock 189's and blizzaks non rft's did outstanding i had no problems whatsoever....i am such a fan of rwd cars....only exceptions are a veyron and a 911 turbo and of course an suv for off roading and rally cars too...that being said...99% of the rest of us don't really need rwd cars esp in la where i have seen tons of xi's on business and seeing old buddies...i just don't get it...maybe in colorado or other mountainous regions...but i went up some dam steep slope and it had a fresh layer of ice that cars ahead ween't doing so hot on....keep in mind this is the same storm that closed i80 today a lil bit west of me....i just don't see the point...

they are not as fun as rwd esp on a track,

you don't fly around in the snow anyways going 10-20 over

your wasting gas

more weight, more electronics, more stuff to break

no active steering with the 3's(which it is heaven to drive with AS)

fat in the front through turns cause of weight(more weight issues)

i could name more but you get the point....rwd for life...but there are exceptions...this applies to the 3series and similar cars...not rally beasts and 911 turbos. exotics,,,some are engineered that way so they don't spin in circles....i guess 800lb's of tq could do that though!!!! not the 300 or even 500 in this can do other things to counter instead of wasting weight on that buy a better suspension and'll save in gas for sure so mod up!!!!

Not everyone has the time (to put on), money, and/or space for another set of tires and/or wheels. At least for me, I drive my car with all-seasons, and I'm ready for anything anytime. Maybe I'm not going to perform optimally, but I'll get by. 50 degrees a week ago, and snowing today...not a problem.

If I had the time and space etc, I would buy a rwd and keep 2 sets of wheels/tires. But I know I don't.

But that's just me. People that drive around awd's with summer tires and don't bother to change them...I dunno what they're thinking.

Another thing though...I feel like with the 335, the xi maybe makes better use of the power and holds the road better than rwd. I've only experienced 335i and felt like it's too easy to break traction. I wouldn't say the same between a 330i and 330xi, although strictly powering through certain curves the xi might hold better because of the varied power distribution. But I know rwd is the overall better driving experience.
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