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Dark, this thread topic is my single biggest pet peeve. I deal with this shit every day, and just last night, a friend of mine texted me saying some of her friends were bad mouthing me because I've had to deal with their punk asses recently. Like you, I can use profanity like a pro and I have clearly been inappropriate at times, but I learned a long time ago to know how to turn it off.

Just a week ago, one of the aforementioned punk asses tried to throw down with me after a situation at a bar in town. Literally took off his shirt and came at me. Now a week later after a few beers he sits and bad mouths me to my friend.

It's not just a lack of respect. Its the unquestioning belief that people always believe they are in the right. They never even consider the fact that they "could" be wrong. Driving is only the tip of the iceberg. People constantly flip you off whilst wearing real rage faces over shit that was statutorily their fault and they don't even know it.

HS kids walking right through a SWAT barricade line and have to balls to say I can't make them leave. ( That little a-hole had a very rude awakening)

Entitlement combined with the nanny state and a healthy dose of stupidity is killing this country. The movie Idiocracy has been mentioned before by me and also in this thread. Watch it. It scared the shit out of me. Prophetic.

Truck balls. Dear God in heaven.

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