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Just a heads up the PE Group buy is off.

Finally got a hold of Phillip after 5 phone calls over 4 days and 2 voicemails. He's not much of a talker, was screening my calls for some reason and only responded to my texts.

FYI According to him: "Group buy is no longer in affect. That ended at the beginning of the August." He confused the hell out of me by texting: "Keep in mind, that's was $200 if you brought the exhaust and materials to me." (Meaning off the car and with replacement pipes? wtf)
"Group buy total price was $245. Which Sean did state on Facebook at least." Lots of misinformation between what he is saying and this thread so I'm just going to take it to a shop with a lift and knock this out in a couple hours.
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We limit the amount of retard that a customer can induce.
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If only JB3 would do that too.