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004560 Rail pressure plausibility delivery controlled

Hi guys,

I was hoping you can point me in the right direction to sort this issue out.

I get low fuel pressure error after 3000rpm, usually when I floor it but even if you accelerate at a slower rate, limp mode kicks in.

The car is a bmw e90 318D 2009 with the following mods:

335 e92 intercooler (modified to fit my car)
bigger injectors(solenoid) from N57 engine(bosch code 0445110382)
hpfp from N57 engine / CP4S2 L75 (bosch code 0445010634)
hybrid turbo GT1749V
dpf off

Car went from 143hp stock to 205hp.

I had to modify the fuel rail in order to accommodate 2 fuel pipes from the L75 hpfp.
The rail fuel pressure sensor and the rail fuel pressure regulator came from the donor car along with the hpfp.

I've tested the injectors and the hpfp at a bosch location and they confirmed that they are working fine.

Fuel filter has been changed about 2 months ago.

From what I read on the net about error code 004560 all the items from the fuel system can be at fault so I need to narrow it down.

I recorded live data from when the fault occurs and attached it to this thread.

Also, pre supply pressure from fuel tank is 3.7-3.8 bar (3.8 bar is max pressure)

Any ideas on what might cause limp mode?

Thank you.
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