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I used to regularly watch the show... I liked the show better than this. Maybe it was the goofy looking Colin Ferrell, or Jamie Foxx, I dont know, but what I did not like about it is that it dragged on, and unncessarily wasted time on "stupid" parts, like when they show 10 minutes of the stupid speed boat and they are going to Havana for a Mojito. Not needed. The scene where they are in that chinese girls bedroom and looking at her parents pictures.. WTF? I was about to start snoring. Sooo boring!

They should have AT LEAST had the original Jan Hammer score. That was one of the best show music pieces. I read somwhere that Colin Ferrell actually worked undercover for a few months to "learn" the inside trade. I can't see that, I think he was really bad.

And what cars were sick? I saw your average Ferrari (modena perhaps?), no big deal. I saw a 6 series, okay that was nice, but I see better ones on the streets of Houston all the time, there was a charger I believe... what else? nothing much really. James Bond movies have better cars by far.

Originally Posted by Viral
I think most people who see this movie are expecting more of a Will Smith-style action flick...........however, as mentioned above, the best way to enjoy this movie is to get a feel for the original TV series. Michael Mann has a certain style of filmmaking......the look and feel is his trademark.

If any real fans remember the TV show, many parts of the storylines are told through facial expression and non-dialogue scenes as opposed to having EVERYTHING literally being said. Even the characters themselves were soft-spoken, not the loud-mouth, f-bombing type type.

That being said, I really liked the movie..............yes, the cars were SICK!!

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