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Well I wash the car and took some pics. The center of wheel to fender arch is 13 5/8" to 13 3/4" all around. This is Eibach up front and zsp on the rear. They have only been on for a day or two, so there may be more settling in the front. The drop is exactly what I was looking for and the new 713's from BarvarianX look great.

Springs installed on xi , some specs I found out(+/-1/8" each car will vary):

Zsp front 14 1/8"
Zsp rear 13 3/4"
Eibach front 13 3/4"
Eibach rear 13 1/8" (this is an estimate based on the Eibach being 5/8" shorter than the zsp)

For those wanting to get rid of the raised front without touching the rear, I have zsp fronts for sale, pm me.

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