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Originally Posted by Inzane View Post
This game is the first time I've ever prestiged, and the new system sure makes it easy. (Thanks to another double XP weekend, I'm now Presitge 2).

Question though. Does anyone truly understand the "refund your tokens" prestige award? (I've just gone for extra custom class slots so far, both times).

When you prestige, all your tokens reset to zero anyway and everything is locked again and you have to make your unlock choices from stratch, so I don't understand what a refund means or would accomplish in this context.

What am I missing?

After you prestige, go back into the prestige menu to claim your reward. When you do this all tokens are reset (if you didn’t claim the reward right away it will reset the tokens you have already used to unlock things and lock everything again) and you are given 1 permanent unlocked. This unlock means that anytime you prestige the item you chose to unlock will stay unlocked forever. (Unless you do the full prestige reset, but no clue why anyone would want that). Don't know what system you're on but on PC you click on what you want to unlock then click "Permanent unlock" at the bottom of the screen. It's kind of odd.

Example - My 1st prestige I used it for the Ghost Perk. So I had ghost the entire 1st prestige (so level 5 - 55 I had Ghost ( you need create a class unlocked)) cuz I use Ghost on almost every class. My 2nd prestige I used the reward for primary gunfighter. So I have it unlocked right away AND I have ghost already unlocked from my 1st prestige. If you keep going you can prestige and already have many of the things you like to use in a class already unlocked off the bat.

Don't forget to prestige your guns cuz they don’t prestige when you do, it’s separate. Reason to do this is prestiging the weapon lets you put on clan tags and your emblem you make onto your guns. Hope that’s clear.

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