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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
I know thanks, but I am not about to jump ship yet, cause you would not want to buy first year of any car, and also the other higher performing models have not been revealed yet

So it will unlikely happen in the next 12 months. One thing I am now convinced of, it will be a much better choice than the Cayman, as the engine issues with that car is a real killer.
i think with the new cayman, reliability should be improved. porsches arent too bad in terms or reliability... the only problem is that the engines are harder to get to so regular maintenance and servicing is generally more expensive. i do like the new 991, cayman & boxster interiors.... very upscale indeed... a huge step up from my 997 generation p-car which feels dated even compared to a base 3 series.

that being said, the new vette is definitely a very good bang for the buck and theres no doubt that the aftermarket will have tons of products out there to fix anything you dont like about the stock car.

performance versions arent out yet but even the base vette is a pretty good buy considering the price they are asking for it. the performance vettes will likely put the price of the car well above 100k (with a few light options) in canada by the time they come out. all depends on how much youre willing to spend on the weekend track toy and how much track time youre going to do with the car....

now the last question to ask is this ....... is the vette better than this ?? which would you rather have?

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