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Hey Houston - Looking for a Good Detailer !?!?

get with Brenster !!!!!!!

he came over with all of his needed materials at @ 8:20AM on Saturday.

he got here, chit chatted and then immediately started kicking ass after grabbing a bottle of water.

somewhere @ 9:30AM my wife had cooked up some delicious pancakes and eggs.

i brought him inside to enjoy some good breakfast.

he ate like a BOSS and then headed back outside.

i went to the gas station to pick up a couple of 32oz Gatorades because the heat index showed 95 with 70% humidity at 9:50AM !!!!!!

after checking on him throughout the day he was complete by @ 1:50PM.

just as he pulled the car outta the garage to give it one last wipe down, a pretty good thunderstorm hit.

i will be contacting him over the next few months for him to come back and "touch up" my car again.

Brenster did an amazing job - couldn't be happier.