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Mic activation

Originally Posted by mhd View Post
With ICOM and NCS expert, I didn't need to change production date and other options like 6NN, 6FL etc in VO. I just do the following:
  1. run SG_CODIEREN in NCS Expert to the module 2URAD to reset the radio output match with the car setting (stereo, HIfi, hifi-top etc). After this step, your vin should be setted up to HU.
  2. set SPRACHE_SVS to be us to get Voice Control language.
  3. AUDIO_PLAYER_INBOX_ON_OFF to be aktiv to get USB
  4. BT_MODUL_INBOX_ON_OFF to be aktiv to get bluetooth
  5. set BASIC_VR_INBOX_ON_OFF to be aktiv to get voice recognition

I guess that if you can borrow or rent an ICOM head will make the life much easy.
I have only one question guys please...
This coding activate also the microphone ?
I have all ok only I cannot be heard by anyone!!!
Voice recognition, bluetooth, phone all ok.
Please help...
Appreciate 0