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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Thanks guys. If you read some of my posts you can get the whole story, but to just put it together...

The car is a 2006 325i with a manual trans. I ordered it in April 2006 with just the Sport Package, HIDs, and BlueTooth (BMW assist) and it was delivered mid-May 2006. I like a basic car that drives well and don't need all the luxury crap.

I hit a deer at 12,500 miles and had $4,500 of crash damage. I swapped to non-runflats on a non-staggered 8.5 x 18 wheel set up using high-performance all-season radials at 22,000 miles. At about 80,000 miles the A/C pump died (I attribute it to poor craftsmanship from the deer crash repair where I think they left the system open too long or allowed dirt to get in the system). The T-stat went at 135,000 miles and the waterpump at 150,000. I'm on my 7th set of tires - including the original set from the factory. The driver's seat foam wore out and the torso cover started to rip so I had the seat rebuilt with OEM parts at 167,000 about a year ago.

I replaced the suspension with OEM BMW sport suspension parts at 182,000 when the kit went on sale a few years ago (I stored the parts kit for a few years), and had the alignment checked and re-set. I replaced the thrust arms at that time with M3 parts (the front was starting to shutter upon braking). I did brakes at 75,000 and again at 185,000 miles.

All the other maintenance has been at BMW specified intervals and CBS intervals; i.e. plugs, trans, diff and coolant every 100,000 (I did mine around 75,000 just becuase that's when I had time for a full day of maintenance time). My OCI has averaged about 17,500 miles and my total inception-to-date MPG has been 27. I've kept records of every gas fillup. I always fill the tank full and usually at the same gas station (Shell) and pump.

My total cost of ownership to-date has been $76,500 (purchase, loan cost, fuel, and maintenance). Lastly, I should say that I have my own auto shop at home complete with a lift and air tools (just as a hobby), so I do almost all my own maintenance and repairs. I had a dealer repair the A/C since the car was not that old when it died and I didn't trust an independent to work on a fairly new E90. I didn't trust myself to do it since the A/C compressor is almost $1,000 and if you don't load it correctly with oil and Freon you can blow the pump right off the bat.

I have to say I just love this car, I drive it 160 miles a day round trip to work. I don't drive it much on the weekends. My commute is ideal; it's 40% back roads that I hammer all the time and 60% interstate (stop and go) and dual lane (easy cruising). The last 3 miles to my house is basically a race track with no traffic and the car usually is burning hot when I park it at night.

I have never intended to sell it. I use my cars up and replace them with new ones.

My last BMW was a 1989 E30 that I took to 250,000.