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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
They ship on the 14th, doesn't mean you can get one before or even have GoPro at the even as a sponsor. Has anyone contacted Nick Woodman or his staff to see if they would be interested in showing up at the event as a sponsor to provide the BLACK to the racers from a sponsor booth? If anyone has any free time to go after GoPro, then feel free. I'm trying to find contact information, but don't have much time.
I was thinking the same thing myself of maybe contacting them directly because they are located here in the Bay Area. I was going to see if they can rush me one. But after doing some research the Black Edition GoPro seemed almost overkill for me and my once in a while filming. The only thing that had me wishing the Black Edition came out earlier was the 1080p at 60fps. Everything else is just fluff.

That's why I just went with the Silver because it's basically a new model of the Hero2 and has wifi control built in. The quality on the Hero2 is amazing and is more than I need. Gizmodo made a good point about the Black Edition today and how it's kinda overkill.

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