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Originally Posted by KL2DC View Post
Rosslyn cars are shipped direct. I don't see why they should be shipped back to Germany and then statesside. Rosslyn cars are definitely a minority here. I see you have a 335i on order, I think that is a new development. Traditionally only the 325i/328i E90s were manufactured in Rosslyn. All E91s are built in Munich (and I believe all xi models) just like all E92/93s are built in Regensburg.
My car is heading to Germany right now on the Grand Orion and then put on ship headed to the West Coast it is a 20 day trip up to Bremerhaven will get there on the 26. It sat on the dock in South Africa since the 24 Jan and the ship picked her up on the 6. Hope to ride with some of the West Coasters soon