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What profile?/

The tyres?? They are the M3 profile, so 265/40/18 rear and 235 or 245/45/18 fronts, will have to check that.
But they are a profile taller than normal 'non-M' cars.
I think they would run on an E92 Carlos, they would fit an E90/91 but would need a lower profile tyre on them.

Basically I paid 250 for the fronts and 500 for the rear tyres, and would want 400 for the 4 tyres, the rims could do with a refurb I would throw them in. They are not kerbed and a completely straight, but they shadow chrome laquer has come away in places as they do on these rims.

These are them, when they are on the car they don't look terrible or anything but best to be honest.