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Problems with boost solenoid?

Hey guys
Sorry, I can't search because I am on the e90 app. I'm hoping to get some good feed back from those who are really knowledgable about our cars.

I just had my inline fuel pump installed to help my flex fuel kit. I was cruising on the freeway doing about 75-80mph when all of a sudden the car just shut down. The engine just cut off and I had to pull over the side of the freeway. I tries restarting but the engine would not turn over.
I had it towed back to FFTec and it turned out that the ignition fuse blew out.
Does anyone know why this would happen? After getting fuse replaced, the car still does not run correctly. It seems the boost kicks in sporadically and is not consistent. I am taking it back to FFTec on Monday, but was hoping for some in site from fellow members.
Thanks for any feedback