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E92 335i Fuel Injectors

Hi guys

I think the injector(s) on bank 1 of my 335i have gone. The codes suggest it's injector 1. Engine management light has come on and it misfires, even though it's ever so slight. Narrowed it down to injectors as the spark plugs and coil packs have been changed a few months ago.

I also got a code for bad oxygen sensor(s) on bank 1. I know a bad oxygen sensor won't cause the misfire, but I think the misfire may be damaging the oxygen sensor.

3 questions:

1) Is it worth getting the injectors cleaned instead of replacing them?

2) Would all 3 injectors on bank 1 need changing, or could I get away with just changing the 1 bad injector? I've read some things which suggest that mixing newer injectors with older injectors wouldn't allow them to work, but what if I installed the older version of the injectors, to match the ones already used, considering I've done 70K miles on originals anyway.

3) About the oxygen sensor, would it worth getting it cleaned, or is replacement necessary?

Any help/advice will be much appreciated.