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Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
Well, Charlie, you were just one of a couple I've run.
From 60-130 you pulled about 1-1.25 on me, never 2 CL's (there was at most 5-10 feet of air between our bumpers.
But remember, you had an exhaust, lowered car, and on race gas, and I was on 91 Octane and you were on 245 tires, which are smaller and therefore also increase acceleration. (I also think you had lighter wheels than my heavy 19's)

You should of pulled 1+ CL on me with just the exhaust ALONE.

When Kujo and I ran (he also has an auto and exhaust only) he pulled 1 car length on me when I was stock from 10-90 mph.
So an exhaust alone should be worth 1+
The fact you also had the race gas, the lowered car, and smaller tires and so forth should of had you pulling 2-3 cars on me.

You dynoed 17 whp more to the rear wheels than me after the dyno install and that was 91 Octane.
With the race gas, you were probably pushing 25-30 hp more than me on those runs, but only put just over 1 CL on me.
It would be easy to argue if we were pushing the same HP, I'd of pulled on you.
Especially if I was lowered too (better aerodynamics) and had little 245 tires on instead of my 265's

Once I put in just 1.5 gallons race gas, we did at least 4 runs.
Just after we left Famoso on that Orange Grove road, you jumped me 1 CL from the honk but after than I hung to your rear bumper the rest of the run.
Then, on the freeway I pulled 1+ CL on you each time in like 3 more runs. I know you said your car threw a code, but that was on the last run, and my car was just as heat soaked as yours.

Anyway, once I get my coupe, I'll be more than happy to do some more auto vs. manual runs with people.
My coupe will hopefully run as strong as my sedan.
But with it's gearing advantage, shift speeds, and the fact the turbo keeps spooled between shifts, I think it'll take a VERY fast shifting manual driver to inch ahead.

BTW, I also did a run with ADHD, who also like you had a power advantage on me (he was running full tank of 100 Octane) as well as exhaust, lowered, and smaller tires too.
We botched the take off (he jumped on the first honk) then backed off, then I honked two more times and we went but once up and running I was creeping away from him from 50-100 mph!
i wasnt on race gas til we were almost to fomoso...and on 91 is when i was 1.25 cars ahead of you, and with race gas it was even worse.... and when you put race gas in on the way home is when my car started throwing CEL and went into Limp mode... a couple times, but yes your car hung with me a little bit better then.

I will say that out of all the 335's that i ran with your auto was probably one of the quickest ones and held its own. it was one of those gifted motors i guess, and sad you got rid of it, but your new one should be awesome as well...