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My car has the same problem zero boost it will throw a 30ff code if i stay in it and let it get to around 5k but it takes forever to get there cause of no boost.

It has been at the dealer for a week plus now and they have yet to find the problem. They put new turbos in it a little over a month ago but they say the turbos are working fine and have yet to find a reason for no boost. They replaced the vacuum turbo pump cause they said that was the reason but still have the issue now they say it could be the DME.

Car ran great prior to the new turbos and ran fine on new turbos for less than a month then poof went for a drive stepped on gas and car does nothing. It will run normal with no codes just has no power or go when you step on the gas.

I have an HFS4 meth kit any way that can be the culprit?