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I also don't understand all the animosity. Its not really that difficult. Dude likes to lease his cars. Old lease is up, time for a new one. 2010 model might have some features that 09 doesn't, no harm in waiting.

Listen, I hate to be the one to break it, but NOT EVERYBODY is struggling right now. For some people, putting down $500 to extend a lease is like buying a big mac for lunch.

Most people reading this forum drive BMWs. That means that most people on this forum should be recession proof. If you spent $40K plus on a BMW in 06 or 07 but now can't afford it because of "the recession" then you probably didn't plan well.

BL, anybody that ever spend 40 grand on a car should be able to understand how a person can put 500 bucks down on a lease and not think twice about how he maybe could have saved a couple thousand by buying an 08 model.