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Spacers help.

Was wondering if you guys can help me out with something. I got some bms 15mm rear spacers to use with my standard type 161 wheels and I noticed some vibrations/wobbles after install around 100-130kmh.

I removed them recleaned the hub so it was immaculate not a spec of dirt on there got my 4 wheels balanced and there is what I can feel is a slight wobble. Im not sure if I\'m just being too pedantic about it or it\'s actually a problem. I can\'t remember the car driving like that before the spacers but I must admit I wasn\'t really paying any attention for it.

NOW wen you install a spacer should you be able to spin it on the hub or should it be absolutely completely snug and not spin? Atm I can just spin the spacer but there\'s no gap between the spacer and the actual hub. I\'m thinking maybe that could be the issue?

Any help would be appreciated I don\'t wanna take them out cos I like the look but it\'s driving me crazy!