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Originally Posted by racerg35335 View Post
I do see a couple funky things going on with req boost/boost and actual load vs. req load. Maybe boost overshoot? Here is an additional log.
Nah man, your logs look SOLID. Since you know both LTFT banks are good you can swap out one bank for STFT(for instance LTFT bank 1 and STFT bank 1.)

If you're using virtual dyno to look at the logs sometimes it will make it look like your overboosting when you're not. VD autoscales each individual channel, so it can make it look like some really goofy things are going on when they're not.

Honestly, i don't even use a grapher to look at datalogs. I prefer looking at logs in spreadsheet form. ATR has a built in datalog viewer that works great for viewing it as a spreadsheet.
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