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Originally Posted by MidwestGolfBum View Post
How long has the car sat for when it isn't priming? Do you unlock the car before you are near it?
From when I parked last night until I went to start it this morning the car sat for 12 hours in the garage, doors locked.
Originally Posted by MidwestGolfBum View Post
Is it in the garage or something while you are in the kitchen, because mine primes then, and I never get it when I open the door.
I unlock the car as I'm walking up to it and I also don't start the car until the system is primed. The car has always primed itself upon unlocking the doors which is by design. This is the behavior stock or with the tune. This recent behavior is new and never happened before.
Originally Posted by MidwestGolfBum View Post
It could be the cold causing some of the longer starts as well. I have an 07 with an original pump that has had the tune on/off probably 8 times and have never had any issues. Not saying it isn't possible that it is the LPP, but seems like there could be other factors at play here, especially since you have had the tune installed for a few months.
Sure, there are lots of other factors to consider with a slightly longer start and a slightly rough idle but that still doesn't explain why the LPFP is no longer priming the system.