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Originally Posted by DESI4life10 View Post
Great thread.

Glad you are working your way through.

Here is a pic I took of my pre-lci Xenon.

You see the Black and red wires under the projector? That is the power for you shutter. This pin is not connected to your cars harness therefore won't work unless you do the retrofit which includes the adding the new wires. Most people won't go through this and would tap the "red" wire to the high beam (halogen) wire (blue).

If I remember, you don't have a inner halogen light right? If not, you can swap the red wire pin and put it into the high beam pin (for pre-lci cars).

The other tap was with the ballast ground wire with the ground wire of the halogen high beam. Again, if you don't have an inner halogen light, then you can probably place the pin in the proper slot.

Here is a pic of the pin configuration for the pre-lci halogen cars posted by another member.

Note that Pin 4 is the ground that is officially used on halogen cars. Pin 2 ground is the ballast ground that is connected for xenon cars. Because halogen cars don't use pin 2, we need to tap that with pin 4 ground.

Hope this helps a bit.

Desi4life, thanks so much. Now I understand why I am making the adjustments.

Ok. So I need to ground the ballast and since I have no more halogen high beam I can just switch pins 2 & 4 like I did with 5 & 6? Anyone know what pin 4 is used for on the lci nahl lights? I don't want to disable something in the process.

Should my bi-xenon shutter work without modification since I have changed the pin? After that, are there any more wires I need to tap/change?

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