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Originally Posted by CamelBiscuit View Post
I have no idea how anyone who does any track days would not want reverse shifting. When you need to go up a gear at full lean it makes it possible.
I raced an SV650 in WSMC and never had reverse shift; maybe it would have helped but it certainly didn't hinder my progress. Stock suspension, lack of steering damper, etc., were all more limiting factors that I took care of first. Guess I never got around to needing reverse shift with all the other crap I had to do to my bike, plus crash repairs!

Plus most guys that are not racing and do not have a dedicated track bike just go to the track to learn their machines' capabilities and improve their riding skills which they can take back to the street. That is how I started out before the racing bug hit me.

In that context, it makes sense to do track days with with standard shift pattern. I never understood on the contrary why anyone would want reverse pattern on the street (not saying you suggested this, by the way) as if you're riding to where you need it, you shouldn't be on the street.