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Here’s some of the latest pictures of my car - with the winter wheels fitted too…

Couple of updates:

DME Software Update
I had the cars software updated last week at BMW… I was dubious at first due to a few stories on the internet of it ruining the car, making the sport mode ‘softer’, dulling the throttle response and making the exhaust quieter. From what I read though, BMW sorted this with another software release (apart from the minor exhaust changes) around July time this year. So I decided to take the plunge and get the software updated..

It’s safe to say it has transformed the car. Having driven the car for a good few days over 500 miles, here are my thoughts:
• Exhaust Noise – it’s true what people have said, the exhaust is definitely quieter at times. On cold starts, the revs don’t go up as high as before, the revs settle quicker and it’s significantly quieter. The car would backfire loudly when it was warm and you blipped the throttle in Neutral – it still does this but not as loudly. The exhaust would also burble, when de-accelerating from 10mph in first gear, again, it still does this but not as loudly. The engine bay also seems quieter – not sure if the software has tweaked the vanos?
• DCT (Sport Mode) – in a word, savage! It shifts much more aggressively when you are nailing it, but the shifts are smoother and less jerky when you accelerate more gently. Throttle response has definitely improved – it is breath taking! I've REALLY enjoyed using this since the update
• DCT (D-Mode) – pulling away is now much smoother when pootling around and so are gear changes. There is also next to no lag when you coast to a junction and pull away before fully stopping. Throttle response remains unchanged.
• CIC Nav – Night-mode now works on both screens and 7 digit postcodes now work with my 2013 Nav update. I now have an MOT box on the service items menu. Finally, I have a little icon telling me how many songs are in the album/ playlist when streaming music via Bluetooth. Apart from that, not much else has changed that I’ve noticed.

Squeaks and Creaks
The front suspension was starting to creak over speed bumps after heavy rain – front anti roll bar (with bushes) and bump stops are being replaced next Friday to hopefully rectify this.
The driver’s seat base plastic was moving against its own plastic parts and against the leather, causing an annoying creaking noise – this is scheduled to be fixed with a new plastic seat base surround and some felt around the joins.

General Clean
I gave the car a much need clean as it was filthy both inside and out! The outside was still well protected after the application of Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish, Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection and Autoglym High Definition Carnuba Wax in September. So I just snowfoamed it, gave it a good wash using the two bucket method and applied a coat of Blackfire Midnight Sun Instant Detailer - the instant detailer does a remarkable job of rejuvanting the surface gloss and adding a freshly waxed feel to the paint! Very impressed. The inside was vacummed, the leather was treated to the Swissvax leather care kit and the trim was dressed with Aerospace 303. The engine bay was wiped down and sprayed with Aerospace too!

Lastly, Sytner Coventry who have looked after the car for the last few months have been absolutely fantastic! Honest, helpful and great work by the technicians!

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