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Originally Posted by danny1985
Well with all the options (i forgot logic7, it's an option here), it was around 72000USD.
Plus taxes etc, it will be around 81000USD.
This is a very good price in Belgium actually, I got 11% discount! (normally it's 7%-9% here).

I got 450km's now

They just didn't brought back my camera back, going to make some pictures with my razr v3.

You should see the people their face when you drive by slowly
The only BMW e90 they know here is the 318d and 320d
the 911 is looking mighty good at that price. shit, i'd take a cayman and pocket some money. i know, i's different in europe...believe me, i live here. but damn!!!!!

makes me feel even more fortunate to have gotten my 330 w/sport, prem, cold weather, and CA for $36K USD. No tax either.