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Originally Posted by queensfield View Post
Lovely and thanks for writing the DIY with pictures. It does take a substantial effort, especially with pictures. Four questions-
1. Did yours had gasket material in the coolant when you drained it?
2. Was there any evidence of coolant mixing in with the oil?
3. I couldn't tell from the picture, but were you able to get the original finish back and remove all the old gasket material from the groove?
4. Is there a spec on the torque for the 3 bolts? or Should one tighten them to until they feel tight enough- like you stated.
1.The gasket was not present in the coolant. The gasket did appear to be flattened. My guess is that it was over-torqued at the factory or just flattened by pressure made by the expansion of the metal surfaces.

2.No sign of mixing of oil in the coolant. If there is any mixing I would highly recommend inspecting your head gasket for leaks because that would a be a probable cause.

3.I was close to getting the original finish but there were some spots of the on the contact surface where the old gasket had residual markings. As long as the surface is clean and not scratched-I wouldn't be worried. Plastic paint scraper was a good recommendation that would work.

4.Yeah just tighten them until they are tight. There are three bolts so cross tighten them slowly.

Beginner's tip. Take your time. Start early. If your running late-sleep on it and begin early the next day.
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