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Originally Posted by jrjinsa View Post
If you tracked a BMW, even with this discussed ticking, it would not be making any weird or "girlie" sounds. Most of those complaining of the ticking are afflicted with it during cold starts...goes away when warmed up. These engines, ticking or not, love to be driven! BMWs engines are awesome, I don't care what anybody says. Damn reliable from my personal experience. I won't own anything else. I love BMW!
I was trying to figure out why mine was still making noise after the exhaust HVA's were replaced. Wasn't just cold engine. My wife would take it out on an errand and it would still be making noise when she got home. Motor was well warm by then.

Other reasons not to track this car. The current 3 series is about 800 pounds too heavy. Mine is also an automatic, so forget it. Tried to find a manual, but that is a long story for another time.

The new parts, HVA & cylinder head, have been changed, so basically says the engineers agreed a fix was needed, right? Not trying to slam here, but I expect BMW, with its reputation, to get it right the first time.

In fairness, early LS1 Corvettes weren't immune either, they had some issues with piston rings to work through.
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