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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
hahaha, well hey... even with these little problems this car is still more reliable than any car American made car.
I'm going to say you're incorrect there.

I've owned several American cars prior to this BMW and I've spent more time in the dealer for little items than I ever did with my LS1 Firebird Formula, Camaro Z28 (that was a 408ci with 150hp N20 wet kit), and my C5 Z06 that was a also built and used a lot for track duty as well as daily driving. Both the Z28 and Z06 were highly modified cars that rarely had any issues, the Formula was stock except for cat-back and the only issue was a window motor. BMW builds a very good car thats comfortable, and yet fun to drive. However, this car has been more maintenance intensive then any previous car I've owned. I've been into the dealer for HPFP, ignition key issues, steering wheel lock issues, reprogramming to cure other electrical bugs, addition of oil cooler, oil filter adapter leak, transmission shift seal leak, and then just regular maintenance items (brakes, oil, tire rotation). So to say that BMW are more reliable cars, I feel is just plain wrong. Tighter more stringent build tolerances, for the most part yes.

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