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Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
NO! Do not add Seafoam (or any top engine cleaner) to the intake manifold of a diesel engine as there is a good likelihood of hydro-locking the engine. Compression in Diesels is very high, and there is very little tolerance for adding a non-metered liquid in there along with the air.

From the Seafoam Sales website:
Most people that own and work on Diesel cars and trucks know that no liquids can be used through the air intake system of a Diesel engine including cleaners and starting fluids. If this is done to a Diesel engine it can cause major engine damage including Hydro-Lock or uncontrolled engine acceleration known as “RUN AWAY”. Do not add Sea Foam to the air intake of a Diesel engine!!
They recommend this:
Get engine to operating temperature then shut off. Remove the fuel filter (replace filter if needed.) Empty all diesel fuel from filter or filter housing and fill filter or housing with straight Sea Foam. Reinstall filter on engine, making sure there is no air in filter. Start engine and let run about two minutes, then shut engine off and let sit about 5 minutes. This is called a “HOT SOAK” letting the Sea Foam soak into the carbon. After the “hot soak” period, restart the engine and road test, driving aggressively for about 5 miles. This will clean carbon from the injectors and the combustion chamber inside the engine.