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This is on a 2009 335xi coupe, automatic. Installed a set of Konis & Eibach Pro-kit springs over the weekend. Had been running stock 18" staggered wheels (189) with Conti DWS. New suspension completely transforms the car. I can hardly believe BMW let what I now realize is such a brilliant handling machine out of the factory with such a poorly designed suspension. I think a lot of compromises were made for the run flats and AWD. Maybe by goons in accounting or lawyers who knows.

Anyway the Koni/Eibach combo just blows me away. Car is tossable now and vastly more responsive to steering inputs. Hard to describe, it is firmer but more supple, lower but soaks up bumps better. Roll dive squat etc all much better controlled and tight. Set the Konis on 1/2 turn from full soft. Not harsh at all and the roads here suck. I live on gravel.

Drop was mild but tires fill up the wheel wells now without looking slammed. 4x4 look is gone, nice subtle rake like the non xi coupe but a bit lower overall than that. Slammed would be bad where I live, we get close to 20 ft of snow a year in town and twice that up high.

Going to let it settle a bit an align it.

FWIW I have an e36 M3 with same Koni Eibach set up, the feeling of the 335xi is remarkable close to that car now. It is not as low or as light obviously. However what pushed me finally to get the Koni/Eibach for the 335xi was the fact that the M3 with K/E was able to handle bumps and bad roads BETTER than the 335xi with stock suspension. Not at all harsh ether, unlike the Bilstein H&R sport I had on it previously which were terrible.

Anyway, well done Koni & EIbach, the car should come from the factory with this suspension it is so good. The stock susp very effectively hides some brilliant chassis engineering.

Finally I was able to get the Konis for $651 total shipped from, great people and very fast shipping. The springs I first tried and they sucked, said they were in stock before I ordered and then a week after I ordered tell me uhh, maybe by Nov 12. Cancel. Went with a place called Sparktec. Good price (214), and they showed up 3 days later at my door. Also got a set of Eibach sway bars for the M3 from them, shipping total for both was 34.

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