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Was able to hit 109.7 mph in the 12.6's last fall with the one and only attempt of the day. This was with drag radials. Previous trip to the track utilizing Mich PSS and having a really strong headwind only netted 13.1. The PSS's couldn't handle the launching torque. Both wheels would spin and I went sideways if I wasn't careful :-)

Have done some things that I'm hoping will further improve the performance at the strip. Hope to test when it opens again in about a month.

Oh, this was with the stock differential, stock intercooler, DPF in place, etc. The cars electronic LSD (it's still present with all the traction nannies off) works very well for straight accelerations and will lay down two black strips with the stock diff on my Mich PSS's.

Best wishes on your next track event!