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Originally Posted by MrSweet1991 View Post
Hi Mate!

Ahh that's cool so we have the same engines! I personally don't believe you'll have much issues with the transmission. For a start, I've spoke to quite a few people who have tuned their 6hp26 transmission and it's always the same reply that its coping fine (I'd imagine like anything, the extra power may shorten the life) but never heard if a failed transmission. And yeah, I get where your coming from it would be so easy to drop the 330D in for something already running the desired power like a 335D but it's also fun to bring out this beasts potential! Not to mention, like "BMW Power" said, why have 2 turbos when you can have one big one and one less turbo to worry about Haha.

Mines very close to going back on the road now, I'm going to remove the rear driveshafts and replace those stupid reluctor rings and attempt the sand and re-spray the section of the axle to prevent the rust from occurring again. I'm also planning on buying the latest set of Diagnostic tools but was so gutted to hear Ista+ dropped programming for the E series, you have to use ISTA P for that now

Hows yours coming along? Cant wait to see the performance of yours with everything done. Have you flashed the TCU with xHPFlashtool? I'm servicing the transmission in a few days and might consider sticking a stage 2 on
put some pics of drive shafts and reluctor rings please