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Originally Posted by edycol View Post
Yes, LL01 base start is ACE A3/B3 B4 and HTHS is min. 3.5cp. LL01FE is 3cp.
LL04 is also min. 3.5cp as base start is ACEA C3.
But yes, most people do not understand how oils work. Also, composition of oil is important. While HTHS is very important, composition determines resistance to oxidation. If one is running on track oil in 130-140c range, crappy oil will deteriorate fast. I was last week on track, and my N52 runs super hot as track is at 5,000ft altitude and of course, cooling efficiency is not as good as at lower altitudes. I am running M1 0W40. Guy in 328 N52 that was on the track was running M1 10W40. Now, 10W40 has HTHS 3.9cp, but it has very little PAO in it. It is mostly hydrocracked GrIII base. M1 0W40 is 60% GTL, 30% PAO and 10% Esters. That means better resistance to oxidation, and also better heat dissipation characteristics.
STill, I have to install cooler
Where did you get the oil base composition? I only know that the new mobile1 formulations supposedly don't test out as well as old formulation when it was Ll-01 approved (as per bitog posts). I still run Castrol Edge EU 0-40. Mostly because it's cheap and available on every shelf.

LL-01 also dictates extremely low NOACK %. Some of these other oils people recommend because they are "thicker" have much higher Noack which is no good for use in a hot turbo. BMW LL-01 is a tough standard to beat. It demands a high quality oil.