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Originally Posted by PicassoM View Post
That's what i'm doing Thursday when I get back from a business trip. I have many guys including my cousin who deserve it more than he does. I need to lay it down to him in a way that shows, hey you're one of my best friends, but when it comes to my wedding you're not the go to person and everyone else has stepped up to the plate except you, it's only fair to give that honor to someone else. My one buddy has done all the bachelor party planning, i see him all the time, go out to dinner, always a person to bounce ideas off of, completely took care of me Monday when I got in a bad accident and spent 5 hours with me in the ER (granted he was the only person around he was a trooper), he's divorced so he has the time lol, but he's definitely always there for me.
You've answered your own question. Just tell your ex-best man that he's still you're best friend, but he obviously doesn't have the time to devote to being the best man at your wedding, and the honor should go to someone who has already demonstrated they want to support you through the day. The key when you tell him is to make it you-focused, about how this benefits him... Takes him off the spot with the wife, he doesn't have to worry about the dance, etc.