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335i E92

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Oh B~ll@cks...

I'm going to have to get this done now.

An intercooler is a luxury but this seems to be a necessity from what ive just read. My car is now 50k and has been running a remap for the last 5'000 miles.

I am dropping my oil every 5'000 miles and using 5w-30w Castrol Edge. Given this will i still benefit from a catch can?? Doughboy, if so my car is due to go back in to Darren Wood for rear pads next month so i'll prob get this done.

How much was it fitted if you donít mind me askin??

Also i've only had my car for 6 months and looking at the service history the oil was previously changed at normal intervals so every 16k miles. I'm thinking of a one off to get the engine flushed when my oil is next due as it likely that it has a bit of carbon build up with the previous stretched oil services. What do you rekon folks???