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Originally Posted by ihavebeentoseattle View Post
This new rule for under 10K miles and over 10K miles price categories for EW makes no sense - if something breaks after FW expiration, why would it matter when the extended warranty was purchased...unless BMW is betting on the fact that people who buy EW normally do this closer to FW expiration so if after almost 4 years of driving you only have less than 10K on your odometer, the chances that something big breaks are small, consequently it would be less out of pocket for BMW so they offer cheaper price for EW.
I see your logic, but anyone with less then 10k after 4 yrs should be banned from owning a BMW then. LOL
Either way, I'm still curious as to whether this 10k BS is an actual BMWNA thing or just a bunch of dealers (aka. Penske group for example) trying to fleece us for an extra few hundred bucks.
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