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There is a audio/stereo sub board here

There is a audio/stereo sub board here

Its way to expensive to install a factory setup it requires you
get a new dash board if you don't already have idrive. (see link under head units)And if you have
idrive most stick with that. If you don't there are side effects and things
you have to be aware of . One of the big problems is BMW will no longer
be able to do diagnostics on your car unless you parallel mount the old
system. Also certain options that are linked through the radio such
as PDC , SOS and CDC will cease to work and may cause error messages.
If you have logic 7 you will have to get a new amp as the only thing that
interfaces with the optical line from the Head Unit to Amp is the BMW Head Unit. You need to start by identifying which of the three BMW systems you have.

head unit

BMW stereo types,d.cGU&cad=rja

There are many threads on the stereo board with examples
of aftermarket HU installs.
Stick with the major brands if you want a quality unit.

There are many useful sub boards on this site

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