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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
Awesome pictures, I love the first picture with the orange 1M giving a passing signal.

I am trying not to change my exhaust. I guess I'll wait to see what happens to Steve's car. I would want to keep the kit on full time, not too interested in removing it unless it is absolutely necessary ... in which case it would not be practical. I am researching doing an APR wing/spoiler on the rear. Other than looking ridiculous on the street I think it would not affect driveability.
You could run this setup with your exhaust, you just won't have the adjustability of the rear diffuser.
Read everything that Brian has posted in the aero thread. Wings add alot of downforce, but a lot of drag as well. You can get a better balanced car with the aero package than just adding the wing. Brian has all the technical details as to why a wing is not the answer to going faster.
That being said, in order to get the proper airflow, you have to run a huge front splitter and side skirts to keep air from entering under the car. I don't think you'd be able to drive on the streets with it very long without smashing it.
Also, if you don't run a huge front splitter with the wing, you'll unbalance the car and put a ton of downforce on the rear only so you'll be understeering everywhere. I saw an ex-world challenge built e90 running a big wing without a front splitter. I ran past him very quickly. The next session he took off the wing and blew by me!
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