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Originally Posted by techy1 View Post
first off you a brave mofo.... I was temped to wash yesterday too but i would be going to petro i don't know how you managed to go to a coin wash.

lucky the doors and locks didn't freeze.

second I think you'll be fine.
It's a catch 22 really...when it's this cold you don't want to stand outside and coin-op it (which is why i didn't dry it), but the temp difference driving in/out of the touchless when it's this cold is just begging for a cracked windshield if there is the tiniest stone chip or pressure edge crack somewhere that is just on the verge of going.

If my car was parked in cold temps, I wouldn't have worried about it, as the salt can't really do a whole lot of rust harm in the cold. It's the fact that it's parked in an +18 degree parking garage that had me not want to wait another 4 or 5 days with caked on salt and dirt everywhere. Since it's a heated garage, I wasn't worried about freezing doors/locks.

You guys have put my mind at ease for now. Biggest concern was I cracked the sunroof or seal ont he rear window or something, because that's what it sounded like. Never had an ice sound that loud and spread out across the roof and rear glass area before. Didn't realize the chassis would twist that much turning into the slight incline of the garage driveway.