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Originally Posted by len56 View Post
Some days, I just can't lift at all. Like today I dropped 30 pounds on the chest press?? Does anyone else get random off days? Other days I go up from my normal weights and still find it easy?

Most days are normal and I maintain the same weight, and I'm fine with that, just dropping weight for no apparent reason is irratating (last time I worked chest was 4 days ago, so it shouldn't be overworked?)

I go every other day, and alternate workouts, so I work the same muscle groups every 4 days (3 full rest days in between). I just started this routine though so maybe that's messing me up? (Old routine was going every 2 or 3 days and doing everything)

Any ideas?

there are many factors.....the biggest ones being sleep, food/diet, and dehydration.

If one of these is off it can effect your lift, if more than one is off it can really effect your lift. these are all equally important for me in the gym.......

eat multiple meals a day......if you lift hard your body will need lots of protein and nutrients to rebuild......if you are not giving your body those nutrients it will have difficulty recovering. I drink 2-3 protein shakes through out my day.....these count as 2 or 3 of my "5-6" meals.I also carry a bottle of water that i drink every day....i go through at least 3 nalgene bottles a day.

Going to the gym and working out is not the most important thing.... its taking care of your body between workouts that is just as important. Also very your lift weights/ repetitions/ exercises/ rest intervals/ and muscle group lineups every so often to keep your body guessing.

this is just off the top of my head....but these all make huge impacts on lifts, especially if your noticing differences day to day.

everyone will occasionally have an "off-day" but mine are usually few an far between especially when i take care of all the criteria above....

i usually notice some gains in strength or stamina from week to week....sometimes quicker and more frequent than others. If you do all the things iv mentioned above you should have no problems coming into the gym energized, and noticing gains. The biggest things that influence size, strength, and how cut you are is usually diet and dedication and proper form.

its a long response and i didn't talk much about proper form but usually proper form trumps doing more weight.....doing things correctly with less weight is typically more advantageous than more weight and incorrect form.

there you go.