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Full disclosure?
I coulda sworn that was in a stripped 135, not a full weight 335.
All the record holding cars have the passenger seat removed, etc. There are various threads on each of the runs detailing the mods for those that are interested to search for them.

Ahhhhh yes Mike to the rescue I didn't know that you as a vendor were in competition with customers. To clarify for you my car not me holds the Stock turbo E92 record for 1/4 mile. Your wouldn't compare a geo metro with a N54 motor conversion with a 335 and likewise a gutted (we know more than a seat) 135. So lets just leave the JB VS Vishnu crap out of this thread please since I never mentioned JB in the first place. Beyond that I'm confident my car will terrorize the135 you speak of and that's Full weight. We just need to resolve the Trans issues
Based off the Vishnu St vs e63 vs e63 vs terry I call BS.
FB you keep using the A=B and B=C therefore A=C formula and see where that gets u. It's a flawed thought process. How do u account for the Vishnu E85 stock turbo (wedge) car only being beat by one car length against Terry. That's twice not one time. So you can call BS and I will say you can't beat the laws of Physics. Wait for the race I'm sure Terry will have a new Trans and I will have resolved my Trans issues. I didn't build this car to sit on the sidelines while key board warriors talked Crap. I have more skin in the game and will prove what my Single 6AT is worth, in a direct run no BS about this equals this crud.

Ps I didn't see the e63 vs ST run. Provide a link who did he run.
Sikh, you are saying not to use the a,b,c strategy, yet in the same post mentioning wedge vs terry run, which was badly botched use my run with wedge as an example instead, it was a pretty clean run... Terry vs e63 was also a clean run, and me vs e63 have had multiple clean runs. Which leads me to believe that terry would put bus length on wedge in a clean run. Again, can't stress enough that IT DOESN'T MATTER WHOSE CAR IS FASTER, WE DO THIS FOR FUN AND SHOULD SHOW MUTUAL RESPECT! Everybody was very cool at the event, so i dont understand why some guys are getting keyboard happy as soon as they're out of sight... Dont worry, be happy
My point simply is don't assume the results will be the same if two cars that ran a mutual car showed specific results. I think we are agreeing on this based in what you have wrote.
You can use a=b b=c a=c only when clean runs are in, and both parties confirm that there were no mistakes made during the run. If that's the case, it leaves little room for error. But i do agree that all these "keyboard warriors", as you called them, should not be speculating who beat who, and which car is faster or slower just by seeing the video without knowing the story behind it...