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Originally Posted by medeiro View Post
And what is e90post? How many in this thread alone prefer the Audi...? A poll is a poll. Many of those voters could have came across that article by a Google search; so who says they are BMW fanboys? This is hearsay at this point, I only stated a fact about the article he posted .
How did you know majority of the voters came from google search? State your sources. Don't make dumb assumptions. Who says they aren't BMW fanboys? Stop rolling eyes if you don't even have your facts straight.

The fact is, it is a bmw blog site.
The fact is, there is possibility more BMW fans voted due to the nature of its source.
The fact is, M3 is the benchmark in its class.
The fact is, RS5 performance is in M3's performance league, not S5.
The fact is, M3 won against RS5 in that vote.
The fact is, it doesn't really mean shit.

Originally Posted by mofbb View Post
IMO all Audi look the same. A4,A5,S4,S5,RS4,RS5 the different is 2 dr and 4 dr. Just my opinion. Maybe its just because I am not a Audi fan.
Same with damn BMWs. I see morons commenting on my car saying "oh, nice 5 series" all the times. Only enthusiasts can tell the difference. Ask a blonde whether she can tell the different between M3/335 and S5/RS5. Let alone, see if she can tell the difference between 3 series coupe vs 3 series sedan just by looking at the front without looking at the # of doors. The dumb blonde will say something like, "well... I would sleep with any of them".

*No sexist/racist offense intended. The term "blonde" was used solely as to carry "car-dummies/non-enthusiasts" meaning to it. There are a lot of ladies with taste/knowledge in cars and being non-car enthusiasts doesn't mean they are any worse than car enthusiasts. If the joke offended you, I sincerely apologize. but I would be too lazy to edit it, so if you want it removed, ask a moderator.
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