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2008 E93 335i  [1.83]
Cool DIY: Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak FIX!! BMW 335i(e90-e93) ZF Transmission

(My First POST )

just got this thing Transmission Was leaking, wasnt really worried about it. HPFP failed a week later (got that fixed after a long headache)
It's been about two months now with the transmission leak no problems but i went ahead and ordered:
1. Oil Pan and Filter Kit for Automatic Trans
2. 11 Liters of ATF(Automatic Transmission Fluid)
Only needed 6 Liters( actually 5 and 1/2) [i got the ZF Orginal stuff]
3. Multi use Transfer pump

if you follow my instructions you should be good,but still not responsible for your screwups.
*** YOu can get the Tranny PAn and ATF From****** that where i got it

What you will need:
1. Bmw Oil Pan Filter Kit for Automatic Transmissions (24117571217)
2. 6 Liters of ATF(Automatic Transmission Fluid)83220142516(Shell M-1375.4)
3. Multi use Transfer pump
4.10 mm allen socket
5.8mm allen "KEY" (The L shaped thingy)
4.8mm socket
5. short extension
6. rachet for whatever socket size
7. Bucket for draining fluid
8.T-40(i think) for the pan bolts
9.13 mm wrench & socket
10. 10 mm socket
11. Female Torx Socket FOrgot the measurement (for exhaust bracket removal)
Okay Lets get started!
**Make sure car Has cooled DOwn!!!**
Use only the approved transmission fluid.
Failure to comply with this requirement will result in serious damage to the automatic transmission!

1) Put the car up on jack stands or on a lift ( lift is sooo much easier! could not imagine using a creeper and jackstands! )

2)Remove underbody protection from under transmission pan and remove the brackets one is 10mm which is a BTCH, and one is a 13mm which is prtty eazzyy.

3) Now use the 13mm wrench and the female torx socket to remove the exhaust bracket, then use the 8mm to remove the one right under the pipes.

4)Now Get your bucket right under the drain Plug and unscrew it, and let the fluid DRAIN! once it gets to dripping state screw the plug back in (cleaner because its gonna keeeepp dripping)

5) Then get ur T-40 torx and unscrew all the bolts around the pan!

6) Now Get your new Pan and put it in place start screwing evrything in diagnolly (like you would with a tire) top then bottom screw, right then left, NE then SW, NW then SW ETC

7) DOnt be Hercules when screwing the bolts of the pan, "tight" and "snug" is good enough there is a specific Tightening torque which is : "24 11 5AZ" (you guys can figure that out) but again "tight" and "snug" is what my dad said so that the gasket seal wont break

8) Now that the pan is in, get your 8mm Allen Key and unscrew a little bolt on the side of the tranny(kinda like a differential) its gonna take some force! ( cut my self doing this )

9)Get your Pump and your fluid and pump away till it over flows(should be 4 liters) get someone else to help screw the bolt back in the tranny QUick! its okay if you lose a little.
(your not done yet)
10)Now if they are on jacks take it off them, if its on a lift just lower it.

11) Turn the Car on Press brake pedal to floor and shift through gears 1 to 6 several times at idle speed. Then shift to "R" and back through D then go up to M1-M6 one more time. Then Then shift to "P" position (Park ) keep car running for like 4-6 mins just to heat up for pumping the fluid into a warm tranny.

12) If you have jacks (im sorrry) put the car back on themm, if u have a lift just lift it.

13) Now unscrew the same bolt on the side of the tranny it should not leak but if it does let it. then stick the pump back in and pump till its fulllll, this is where you or your friends ninja reflexes come in screw then bolt in with as little loss of fluid as possible its okay if u loose a little. anyways your done! hope this helped more PICs attached!!

14) Put the brackets back on and the undercover taddaaaa

here is what is needed to be done to spec. the above might be a bit confusing, but is sufficient. i was very young when i wrote it lol

13. Transmission Fluid
After mechatronic installation the transmission must be refilled with transmission fluid. With vehicle on level
ground, transmission in park and engine not running add transmission fluid through the filler plug until
transmission fluid overflows. Install the filler plug and start the engine. With engine running remove the filler
plug and add transmission fluid until it overflows through the filler hole. Install the filler plug. With foot firmly
on the brake pedal shift PNRD
several times, pausing in each position for a few seconds. Place shifter
back into the park position. Remove the filler plug and wait until the transmission has reached 40 C, a
small stream of transmission fluid should overflow from the filler plug. If no fluid is visible then correct fluid
level as needed, using ZF Lifeguardfluid6 or OEM approved fluid. Install filler plug and torque to 35NM.

14. Test drive
It is recommended to clear the fault memories before driving. Should a fail safe condition occur a clean
record of events will be available for trouble shooting.

15. Final check
test drive allow the transmission fluid to cool to 40 C recheck transmission fluid with vehicle level,
transmission in park and engine running at idle speed. Correct fluid level as needed, using ZF
Lifeguardfluid6 or OEM approved fluid.
for leaks in the mechatronic sleeve and oil pan area.

hopefully this helps more ppl

P.S. Im Syiran And whats been going on in syria is sad hope everything gets better! Just wanted to raise awareness

"Were all Hamza AL-Khateeb"
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