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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
DB9, XK-R and AMGs are all GT cars therefore much more comfortables than the 911 which is much more track-focused (at least was until the 991).

As for the TT-RS and the GT-R even kids can drive them fast. Don't see old guys driving them anyway.

The 2+2 requirement is only there to highlight the fact that in a 911 the engine is behind the rear axle (though not so much so nowadays) and from an engineering point of view the only valid reason I can see for that would be to make room for back seats where, ironically, it even fails to accomplish and all at the loss of dynamics - more difficult to drive fast than its rivals.
This is pretty much going off topic from what I was getting at in the first place, which is that you posted that you always wonder why someone driving a Porsche (sports car) would need 300+ hp. I just see a pattern with you taking digs at Porsche and I'm wondering why you keep isolating that brand.
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