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Originally Posted by Bimmer Barney View Post
Headed to SD this weekend, so I'm out.

In other news someone decided to shatter my sideview mirror and rip off the cover. Luckily the mirror can be replaced for $80 (but I lose the auto dimming feature grrr...) and the cover just has some scratches, but only noticeable up close. No other damage otherwise. I can't figure out if it was from someone like a bicyclist or if someone actually tried to rip it off. Either way it sucks, considering my car is garaged 99% of the time.
Same thing happened to me also, dumb stoner kid at the end of my street did it.

I'm also somewhat off the radar on sunday night, I have work at 5:30 till 8:30 ish, I'll cruz by after if you guys are still down