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Originally Posted by tofu- View Post
2) the upshift paddle is too close to the windshield wiper stalk. - for someone with big hands/fat fingers, you're going to end up being annoyed by this, as the paddle is directly in front of the stalk, and your fingers/hands naturally place themselves in the area where you'd hit it if you're used to there being a lot of room back there.
I trimmed a little piece of the leather on the back, Logically this should make the DCT paddles sit 2-3mm closer to the steering wheel. It's just soft leather and can be cut with a xacto knife. Not really sure if it made a difference but you can let the pictures between tofu and mines.

Here's what I did:

-Line up the DCT paddles. Mark the extra area of the DCT paddle and cut/trim.
** You'll have to cut from the bottom too. Don't worry it's metal on the bottom so you cant mess anything up.

-Test fit again and trim again if needed.

-Bolt it into place and see if both sides are even. My extended paddles sit at 2.25cm from the steering wheel.
** One side was sitting lower so I had to mod and fiddle around with it to sit higher. I ended up using some of the leather waste as a cushion/spacer. It worked great! Just remember to bolt it down tight!