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short version? i traded in the miserable high maint heap of shit money pit and swore off poorly made over priced german cars, bmw's in particular for life unfortunately! haha

not that im bitter or anything...sorry my personal experience happened to be an absolute nightmare, and an EXTREMELY expensive mistake, i'll stop venting now

ended up being both the motor AND the footwell module that were shot on mine, indy shop suspected the motor went first, caused a short and since bmw didn't bother to put any kind of a fuse in between them, the short eventually fried the module too, which is also like 600 to 800 if i remember right.

it was throwing several codes and the footwell module wouldn't respond at all when i tried to communicate with it directly

so if you hurry up and replace the motor you should be good to go, wish that DIY had come up a long time ago! haha, no prob bringing the thread back, hopefully it saves many xi owners the hell i went through, good luck man!