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This is going to end up a Escort vs Valentine war. I have had both and both do a great job finding the local smokies in thier nests.

pros and cons for both

V1 has the arrows, you dont understand how nice they are till you no longer have them. Getting a radar tag then trying to find him is fun and all but Id rather have a good idea where to start. If its a cop in oncoming traffic with 30 other cars is a lot less stressful than one coming up behind you. Again the arrows I like a lot. The display is no nonsense and big, tells you whats going on without any guess work. I didnt like that you have to turn off radar types to shut the thing up. X and K bands arent used a lot anymore by most sherrifs offices, but you roll through an older town and the K and X band are all they got. So be careful where you are if you have those off. As well no GPS filter, so the stationary cams, doors to walmart, and so on will go off unless you turn off that band of radar. Me personally I do not want to buy a detector then only use half of its abilitys.

9500i/ix they both have GPS filtering, the IX comes loaded with red light cameras which to me is not important I have no need for that, and speed traps like Lidar and speed cameras which can be updated. As you get close to these places you get a warning to settle down. As well you can add speed traps, cameras, red light cameras, and filter out the school zone speed signs and such with a few presses of the buttons on the radar. Filter out the bad, add the ones you know are usual traps. As for filtering out types of radar at certain spots you do not have to worry about a cop deciding to sit there one day, you only filter out that devices handshake per say. It can detect a different signature so no worries on that at all. Downside is the lack of those arrows. In stock form when a radar signature shows up the screen tells you your speed, to again tell you your speeding, then it gives you a strength meter a second later. This is when you start to hunt him out, is he behind you, in front of you, other side of the road? Ive had KA blaring and never see the car.

Both have Pop detection, which is when the laser is just taking a reading before prior to firing the laser for accuracy. As well the instant on/off detectors in most Highway patrol cars they both did a very good job for me. The V1 is invisible to radar detector detectors, so if they arent allowed which only 3 states arent they wouldnt know you had it, the Passport they will find in a heartbeat.

Ive had both, right now I only own one and thats the 9500i. Again I love the arrows, but I like to run all forms of radar not just half to make it quiet.