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Originally Posted by techwhiz View Post
Call up Valentine you can get their returns at a deep discount.
They give all new accessories and a regular warranty. You can only get them by phone.
It will save about 10-15%.

Also I talked to a Calif Highway Patrol Officer at Sears Point World Touring Car, he swears by the V1 and indicated, it is the only detector on the market that will detect his instant on gun while it's idling, ready for attack.

I have a V1 hardwired in my car.
Once you get the arrows, there is no going back.
Also there is a remote display and another company makes an accessory to use your Android phone/tablet as the remote display.
If I was in your shoes OP, this post would have sealed the deal for me. When a professional(CHP) says the V1 is good he's saying it for a reason.